Painting of Dr. Luis Campos in Collique, Peru

Operación San Andrés (OSA) is a faith-based, non-governmental organization dedicated to transforming the community of Collique, Peru through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • We believe that Jesus lived the ultimate human life, one without sin. In obedience to God, he died an atoning death and was bodily resurrected from the dead.
  • We further believe that every person is beloved by God equally and is worthy of fundamental respect and care required to meet such persons’ basic physical and spiritual needs.
  • We further believe that the purpose of life in this world is to come to know God through the revelation of Jesus, and, inspired by this revelation, to do as Jesus did, caring for those in need and teaching of God’s abounding love.

Because of our belief in Jesus, his Resurrection and Divinity, and our belief in the fundamental right for all to receive the respect and care to which they are entitled as beloved of God, we, guided by prayer, led by conscience and directed by the authority of Scripture, have formed Operación San Andrés to care for those in need in Collique, Peru, as God directs us, responding to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of persons in this community and offering each person an invitation to come to know and follow Jesus personally.

About Collique, Peru

Home of young woman and child in Collique, Peru

Operación San Andrés focuses its work on the residents of Collique, an impoverished community in the Comas District on the north side of Lima. Lima, the capital of Peru, is located on the desert side of the Andes Mountains. Annual rainfall is extremely low. The terrain is mountainous and living conditions are harsh. Most of Collique’s 100,000+ residents have migrated from other parts of Peru in an illusory search for better jobs and living conditions. Others came to escape terrorist activities in their home regions.

Most families in Collique live in makeshift houses made of low cost or reclaimed materials. These families, especially the children, suffer exposure to the elements, a lack of privacy, and unhealthy conditions aggravated by dirt floors and lack of sanitation. Some houses have electricity and running water but many, especially at higher elevations, do not.

About OSA House


In 2005, Operación San Andrés purchased a residential lot in the Las Lomas neighborhood in the 4th zone of Collique. Over the years, there have been extensive renovations and additions to this building known as OSA House. The ground floor has classrooms, a kitchen equipped with industrial appliances, offices, and bathrooms. The middle floor has been remodeled to provide offices for Operación San Andrés staff, a medical exam room, and a large multipurpose meeting room. An apartment for a missionary or intern in-residence has been added on the top floor. This fully equipped apartment has a living area, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom facilities.

OSA House is the center of our day-to-day ministries in Collique. It hosts the Educational Enrichment and Nutrition program, attended by children ages 6 to 11 each weekday. Operación San Andrés also constructed a sports complex on property behind OSA House, owned by the Jose Galvito preschool. The complex includes a concrete sports court and a plaza with spectator seating.

About Luz de Esperanza Church


Luz de Esperanza (“Light of Hope”) Church was established by Operación San Andrés in 2014. The church building was completed two years later. The first phase of construction of Luz de Esperanza Church was built by mission trip volunteers. The church building has a large meeting room for worship services and activities for children and youth. It also has offices for church pastors, bathroom facilities, and a kitchenette.