My name is Socorro and I’m the mother of 7-year-old Luz Mary. She is in the second grade morning session of Operación San Andrés and a student at the Fe y Alegria School #13.

My little girl started at Operación San Andrés at the end of May, 2015, when she most needed help with nutrition, scholastic enrichment, and psychological attention. When she arrived she was anemic, shy, and performing poorly in school. The healthy nutrition she receives at OSA has helped her gain weight and improve scholastically. Before, she was sleepy in class and had no interest in learning or studying. Inadequate nutrition was partly to blame since we don’t have enough money for decent food. I have to search for jobs washing clothes or cleaning just to earn a few pennies.

Now, because my daughter eats healthy, balanced and delicious meals in Operación San Andrés, she is happy and active and wants to study. Every day she tells me about her new experiences and the variety of foods she eats like beef, milk, fruits and salads—which are very different from what we can eat at home.

She’s learning about many things she didn’t know before like dance, theater, and crafts. She is studying math and reading. Both she and I are very happy. We are especially appreciative for the food, without which my daughter would not be healthy.

I hope this project will continue to help many children and their families with nutrition and Christian values. I thank God for His love and care, and I thank Operación San Andrés for the nutrition and teaching of values. Without a doubt, you are angels God sent to take care of us.

May God give each of you health, strength, and knowledge, as Romans 13:8 says, “Love one another for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law.” This is what you do with the children in Operación San Andrés. God bless you.