What began as a $5 mission project at First Baptist Church in Rome, Georgia, USA, became a microenterprise opportunity for several of our friends at Operación San Andrés. Lori Barfield had been converting recycled leather belts into cuff-style bracelets with inspirational phrases for several years and had found demand for them in the USA. Later, she had the opportunity to develop Collique Cuffs working with Operación San Andrés.

Four women who live in Collique have been given regular work creating the one-of-a-kind bracelets several times a year. By partnering with Operación San Andrés, Collique Cuffs has been able to accomplish the goal of paying women fairly to work in a safe environment. We have also been able to use profits from the sale of our bracelets to host classes in entrepreneurship and baking, pay for emergency support, provide tuition for college students and support the domestic violence prevention program, Talita Cumi, already in place through Operación San Andrés.

The measurable benefits of this undertaking are rewarding enough. The building of community among women who share their faith, the support that they gain from each other and from Operación San Andres, and the messages of hope that the bracelets share across the world have immeasurable value. Each bracelet is signed on the underside by its maker and carries with it the love and support that they have found in Christ through Operación San Andrés. God has indeed multiplied our gifts!

Visit Collique Cuffs online for information about fundraisers, wholesale pricing, and/or individual purchases. In addition, please enjoy this video presentation about Collique Cuffs, narrated by Lori: