After a pause of more than 26 months due to the global pandemic, a team of 12 volunteers arrived at the Operación San Andrés mission site in Collique, Lima, Peru on Sunday, June 5, 2022.  This mission team was sponsored by Texas Baptist Men (TBM), an NGO based in Texas dedicated to delivering help, hope, and healing to people who desperately need it.

During their week in Collique, TBM volunteers completed construction of houses for two needy families in the Los Jazmines neighborhood way up the hill on the outskirts of Collique.  They also assisted with the collection of health data for children in the community and engaged with the children by playing outdoor games and assisting with craft activities.  During the week, members of the TBM team provided funds for the purchase of 240 chickens and then distributed these chickens to about 60 soup kitchens around Collique.

The TBM mission team was led by Rand Jenkins, Director of Ministry Advancement Team, and Sabrina Pinales, Ministry Advancement Coordinator.  After arriving back in Texas, Sabrina sent the following message: “We had such a wonderful time in Peru and everyone absolutely loved working with all of the OSA staff and families.  Our team was amazed by all that OSA is doing to serve families.”

Operación San Andrés greatly appreciates the support of organizations like Texas Baptist Men and is looking forward to continuing this terrific partnership in the coming years.