Operación San Andrés (OSA) is a faith-based, non-governmental organization dedicated to transforming the community of Collique, Peru, through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that all people are beloved of God and therefore entitled to respect and care. Operación San Andrés was formed to care for those in need in Collique, responding to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in the community.

Improving Lives

Luis Campos examines patient

Operación San Andrés improves the lives of people experiencing the demoralizing effects of poverty. Twice-yearly mission trips have provided medical, dental, and eye care to thousands of adults and children. Ongoing educational enrichment programs provide supplemental learning and healthy lunches for school-age children. We also support Collique's women with programs teaching responses to, and awareness and prevention of domestic violence. We also provide job skills training that enhances women’s lives, mental health, and self-esteem.

Transforming Families

Family at wedding

Healthy families are the building blocks of a healthy community. We provide programs throughout the year on marriage enrichment, parenting, and home management. We also sponsor family outings and cultural enrichment activities for children and youth. An underlying goal is to help people experience Christian love and learn to apply it in their own family and community relationships. Luz de Esperanza Church, established by Operación San Andrés in 2014, is a lively congregation whose members experience Christ and serve their neighbors.

Building a Better Future

Construction site overlooking Collique

Over the years, Operación San Andrés has greatly improved life in the neighborhoods of Collique. We're committed to seeing this continue. We realize that, for communities in poverty, building a better future depends on economic development. We are responding to this need with classes, especially for women, that teach entrepreneurship and marketable skills such as baking and sewing. Earlier classes have evolved into successful microenterprises managed by local women. Operación San Andrés also sponsors construction projects that strive to meet some of Collique‘s needs for better housing and facilities.