The vision of Operación San Andrés began in the heart, mind, and soul of Dr. Luis A. Campos when he was a high school student at Colegio San Andrés in Lima, Peru. At age sixteen, he was inspired to write a call-to-action about the slums on the outskirts of Lima. Years later, he and his wife Ruth acted on this vision to form Operación San Andrés with a group of like-minded friends. As Christ-followers and recipients of God’s blessings, the group's founders set a goal of sharing God’s love and compassion in practical ways to marginalized people in Peru.

The mission and purpose of Operación San Andrés are larger than any one person or team. As an organization, we seek God’s vision. We strive to respect the culture of the communities we serve and to adopt best practices to meet real needs. We have learned to listen to the people we want to help, to learn what they need, and confer on possible solutions.

Our Mission

To alleviate the effects of poverty in Peru by transforming families through the love of Christ.

Operación San Andrés approaches this work with the passion of a dream, the discipline owed a business, and the holiness of a ministry. We feel called to reveal and address injustice, oppression, and suffering. At the same time, we strive to embrace the optimism of our calling. We work to make helpful, data-driven decisions about how, where, and when to invest our efforts and resources. We realize that sustainable and meaningful changes take more than a generation. Knowing that progress requires action, we're willing to admit mistakes and make course-corrections if needed. Our prayer is that our commitment to seeking God’s guidance will give us a prophetic voice.

We are grateful to the people and organizations that have partnered with us over the years. These partners have enabled us to envision, manage, and adapt our work to ever-changing conditions. We treasure relationships cemented within Collique and the camaraderie of staff and volunteers. We seek blessing and safety for everyone involved as we build strong two-way cross-cultural communication, lasting friendships, and relationships of trust with those we serve.